What is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome occurs when a person has an extra copy of their 21st chromosome. Click here to read more about Down syndrome, or email dnswvinfo@gmail.com to request printed materials.

Check out this beautiful poem written by Emily Pearl Kingsley about her experience after receiving a Down syndrome diagnosis: Welcome to Holland

State Resources

WV Birth to Three
Children with Disabilities Community Service Program

Education Resources

NDSS Inclusive Education Guide

WV Policy 2419--Regulations for the Education of Students with Exceptionalities This is WV law for education of students with exceptionalities and the IEP process.

WVDDC Parent Advocacy Guide This guide walks through WVDE Policy 2419 with tips and easy to understand explanations and examples.

Pathways to the Future - Your Future Begins Now (pathwayswv.org)  This WV specific program is available to transitioning youth to help guide the process.

Students - WV Division of Rehabilitation Services (wvdrs.org) Learn about the role of DRS in your transition plan.

Wrightslaw This is a great resource for general education rights and responsibilities information. 

Success Stories – WV Student Success Project Students and families share success stories!

Resources for Medical Providers

Lettercase offers many digital and print resources for practitioners to help deliver a diagnosis as well as information for patients to explain various conditions or tests. If you or your practice would be interested in participating in one of our Medial Outreach Presentations, please call (304) 545-6613 to discuss options!

AAP Health Supervision for Children with Down Syndrome

Growth Charts

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